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Wednesday, April 09, 2014



Great pictures! May Kate rest in peace. Condolences to Brigid and her whole family.

Kathy A.

So sad. Condolences to Brigid, you and the boys.


Brigid and Tom, sorry for your sudden loss of beloved Kate. Surely she is with the Lord now.

Judith Anderson

Older sisters are so like second Moms...a heartbreaking loss to you all, especially our Brigid. Our condolences to all the family.


Dear Tom and Brigid - I am so sorry about your loss of Kate. The suddenness of it makes it all the more devastating. May Kate rest in peace and you be comforted by her love. n


What a great sequence.
My favourite photos - the tenth and thirteenth!

"Perhaps they are not stars but rather openings in heaven where the love of our lost ones pours through" inuit proverb?


I am so sorry for your loss of Kate, and it makes it much harder when it's so sudden and unexpected. I will keep the entire family in my prayers especially you Brigid. I know your great Faith will help you now in your sorrow.

Ellen M

Valerie Pawar

Dear Brigid and family
Was so shocked to hear of Kate's passing from Libby last week.
Hadn't seen Kate for many years but when she went to India was happy to introduce her to an old friend of ours in Calcutta who they had a lovely evening with.
Our thoughts are with you all during this difficult time.
Rest in Peace Kate.

Valerie and Suryakant Pawar


Terrible news. Kate was among my favorite people.

God takes his best work back early.


Dear Farandas,
We are so sorry for your loss! Love to hear the Kate stories! Peace and love from the Gagnons

Nadia Taylor

My sincere condolences to your family. Memories are all we have to hold on to.

I hope you find peace in knowing she was loved and is now in a better place.

Did Brigid teach in Jamaica at one point? I had a teacher, Brigid Dent at Bishops in the 70s.

tom faranda

Thank you so much for your note Nadia.

Yes, this Brigid is the Brigid Dent who taught at Bishops and then - on June 23, 1979 - married me in Mandeville. We met while I was teaching at Belair and she was at Church Teachers College.


My condolences to you all. What a great series of photos. Laurie


We're so sorry for your loss and thank you for sharing about her. - Maria and Charles.

Hazel Green

RIP to a lovely teacher, remembered with much fondness.

tom faranda

Hazel, thank you for your comment. did you work with Kate, or were you a student of hers?

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