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Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Dennis Cannon

The Foreign Minister doesn't mock reporters in his country, he and his boss have them imprisoned or even killed. No American citizen should find this even mildly amusing.


He probably is well aware that the average reporter of the mainstream media is infected with a vicious irrational hatred against Trump. So he decided to toy with the reporter's question. That's a good sign he's got it right. Good for him. I wish we had more guys like him on our team.



Spot on Denise. It takes a brave critic to mess with The Russian Foreign Minister and Putin...



Denise ? I have a sister named Denise. Great name !

Dennis Cannon

Actually Dennis was the author of that post. I have a duty to protect Denice in case there are Lavrov goons on the loose out there.

tom faranda

Very funny!

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