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Saturday, May 13, 2017



Yes, it looks like a home garage gym.

I see he's got a big 'Be Great' sign on the back wall of his garage; Making Weightlifting Great Again !

He must be a Trump supporter.


Trump should hire him to bounce some of the poor, pathetic advisors he's got around him in the White House right now.

Let's Make that White House staff Great Again ! ! !

tom faranda

If you feel that way, what does it say about Trump? He hired them in the first place. trump needs to turn off his twitter account, pipe down and get back to his healthcare and taxes agenda.


No! First he has to deadlift the deadweight members of his staff out of the White House. Dump the players who are not producing; just like what is done on sports teams. If you can't carry you're weight, you're out.
He needs to call that garage gym bouncer in to drop the hammer on them.


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