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Name:Tom Faranda
Location:Croton on Hudson, New York, United States

Who is Tom Faranda and why is he keeping a web-based journal? To answer the second question, I've just started chemotherapy for lymphoma which will go on for months. Likely to have some downtime when I can work on a journal. It may also be easier to keep in touch with people, rather than by email. Who is TF? Well I am a FORMER - altar boy - math and science teacher - expatriate (Jamaica, Cayman Islands) - rugby player (20 years) - rugby coach (12 years) - scuba diver (could resume!) - Jesuit-educated (Fairfield BS, Fordham MS) - civil disobedience maven (could resume that one, too) - beer drinker - I am a CURRENT - husband (Brigid) - father (Joe and Tim) - financial advisor (CLU, ChFC) - pro-life, consistent ethic of life activist - Roman Catholic - always interested in the confluence of science, religion, and philosophy - addicted to reading - wine drinker –