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Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Thea McGinnis

Hey tom, it sounds like your weight is holding pretty steady which is good! i hope you are not suffering too much with all the poking and prodding they do - and don't suffer too long without some pain relief. i didn't get a hand pump to self administer when i had my first surgery but they gave it to me for the second one on my ripped tendon. i didn't overdo, but can't say it wasn't 'fun' - don't tell the kids!!! and i didn't get addicted to anything! yesterday i went to dr. and they took that leg brace off so i'm hobbling around free right now. i hope to start phys therapy soon and can drive again soon. anyway, dear friend, eat as you can and i'm praying for your speedy recovery. by the way, did a gal named dale brown stop by to see you? she is the aunt of an old friend who's worked at s-k for years as a nurse - now retired. but she is a wonderful person. so if someone stops by who says they know me - well, ask for id first - could be the cops... - but it may be aunt dale. hey, how about that supreme court ruling that came out on parental involvement in n. hampshire. i 'guess' its one for the good guys but we shall see. a unanimous vote - a rarity on that court!! love you - thea

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