Reader Josh Hendrickson points out:

From an editorial yesterday in the New York Times:

It is not irrational for the United States to resist putting port operations, perhaps the most vulnerable part of the security infrastructure, under that country’s control.

From a front page story today in the New York Times :

In the political collision between the White House and Congress over the $6.8 billion deal that would give a Dubai company management of six American ports, most experts seem to agree on only one major point: The gaping holes in security at American ports have little to do with the nationality of who is running them.

Update... Reader Steven Gerber says, "The same thing could be said very frequently about the Wall Street Journal editorials versus its news stories." No that's not the same thing. The Journal editorial page is conservative, and the Journal news pages are liberal. You'd expect contradictions all the time. The mystery is why the leftists on the Times edit page can't agree with the leftists on the Times news pages.