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Thursday, December 14, 2006


John Lally

Faranda: "It's a new one on me that Washington is connected to Khartoum (capital of Sudan) for anti-terrorism purposes."

See L.A.Times' Ken Silverstein's 4/29/05 article,"Official Pariah Sudan Valuable
to America’s War on Terrorism":

tom faranda


Nowhere in the LA Times article you reference does it suggest the U.S. has put anti-terrorism concerns above concern for Darfur victims or that Washington is "tied" to Khartuom.

It does say that the two intelligence agencies have cooperated with each other and that they have a working relationship.

The article (written more than 18 months ago) ends with this:

"Last month, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice sent a letter to the Bashir government calling for steps to end the conflict in Darfur. But the letter, reviewed by The Times, also congratulated Sudan for increased cooperation with an African Union mission to Darfur. It also said the administration hoped to establish a "fruitful relationship" with Sudan and looked forward to continued "close cooperation" on terrorism."

This seems to me to be completely appropriate diplomatic language. What should they have said?

The Global Policy Forum, which has the LA Times article posted, also has a number of articles on their website regarding the situation in Darfur. One of the first ones to come up through their search facility was this:


from "Worker's World" April, 2006, and entitled "What Imperialists Don't Say: Oil Is Behind Struggle in Darfur."

According to this article the "Western Imperialists" (France, Britain and of course the U.S.) are competing with China for Sudan oil.

It seems to me that if the Global Policy Forum wants to be credible, they probably shouldn't have neo-communist publications posted on their website.

By the way, did you see the Global Policy Forum "Fair Use Notice" at the bottom of all their articles? They feel they can post other publications complete works on their website, without authorization from the copyright owner. Not link to the article, simply post it on their site. They say that constitutes fair use!

Where is Spitzer when you need him?



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