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Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Catherine Mary Henry

Should Mahony resign?

Of course he should.

The fact that Roger Cardinal Mahony has spent millions of dollars over the past few years fighting against the disclosure of anything the institutional church, he or his predecessors did in the collusion, conspiracy and cover-up regarding sexually abusive clergy, including a number of serial pedophiles, negates any kind of apology he could possible make.

He could have settled these cases out of court years ago but he chose not to.

Former Oklahoma Governor Frank Keating was right on the money with the assessment that cost him his job as as chair of the Advisory Panel monitoring the USCCB Office for Child and Youth Protection.

What Mahony will continue to fight against will be the release of any private documents, correspondence or personnel records of known sexually abusive clergy. Hopefully, the judges in California will force the release of all documents as was done in the Archdiocese of Boston, Massachusetts.

According to Cardinal Mahony's lawyer, Michael Hennigan, Mahony has made a few trips back and forth to Rome in the past few weeks.

Have no doubt, Rome ordered him to settle.

Watch for his being kicked upstairs, I mean shipped to Rome, sometime soon. And it couldn't happen to a more disingenuous individual.

He is a disgrace to our church.

Catherine Mary Henry
Archdiocese of Philadelphia

Fr. Jim Moran

As a Boston priest I must admit that I am also a victim of clergy abuse. I was raped in August 1970 -- 7 months prior to my ordination. I reported the abuse to my priest supervisor -- but nothing happened -- he was too busy playing with mentally ill teenaged girls. (He had been diagnosed in 1957 with a psychopathological personality!)

In the fall of 2001 I experienced a flashback -- and in December 2001 told my family for the first time. In January 2002 I tried to bring it back to the Archdiocese of Boston -- got a "cool" reaction from that move!

For the past 5 years I've been agonizing over ministry. A priest is "sent" by the bishop(s) to preach the Word. When we do so, we "stand for" (or become) the Bishop. In conscience I can no longer represent men like Mahony, Egan, George, etc. My mortal soul is far more valuable.

Bishop (Cardinals) who in any way covered up should be relieved of their duties -- and even excommunicated for the evil THEY brought to the Church!

thea mcginnis

when you tally up the hundreds of millions of dollars the church has paid out for all the abuse, you realize that the church could have funded cost of the iraq war! or put a stop to the genocide in darfur. or truly fed and clothed and housed the poor. but instead the church covered up for the heinous few who have poisoned our church and desecrated the faith.


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