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Monday, October 22, 2007



OK-so what supplements if any do you take? If any-what were the benefits or side effects you experienced? I have heard many good things about the Q10.



Good question! the only things I'm taking now are (1) prilosec for acid reflux (2) glucosamine for my joints, esp. the knee that I had 'scoped (meniscus) three years ago & (3) a multivitamin.

The acid reflux med helps a lot. Can't really say about the glucosamine, but I'm going to keep taking it.

Back when my white count was low, based on stuff in the book Spontaneous Healing - go here -http://tomfaranda.typepad.com/folly/2007/03/latest_read_spo.html

I took a supplement called ASTRAGALUS. I doubt if it did any good, although as you know my counts did go up (as predicted by the hematologist I was seeing at Sloan, Dr. Virginia Klimek). I took it for about 8 weeks. My counts started up a week or two after I stopped taking it.

I discussed supplements, and naturopathic medicine with Klimek. Like most physician/scientists she is skeptical -- "where are the studies... where's the proof...". but she also said "Can three thousand years of Chinese traditional medicine be all wrong?"

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