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Thursday, December 13, 2007


Judith Anderson

It was an experience beautiful in every way, and the food was great, too. Thanks to all who helped organize, sing, and serve! What a perfect tribute to Our Lady at this time of year. Seeing the roses and other colorful flowers during December's barrenness lifted the spirit. Our little "Juan Diego" (shown above) was adorable. Thank you all. Getting to the 8 o'clock Mass should be easy after a 4:30 a.m.start!

Maria Abonnel

Wow, Judy, Tom, Brigid, et al, I think I missed a good service at Holy Name. I'm glad so many came out for it. I hope it's done next year too. Thanks for taking all the photos, Tom.

Lee Colon

As always I am astonished at the support the Hispanic Community at HNM has received from all the parishioners. It was an honor to attend and would like to thank the Priego family who hosted the event and all those who came to reflect, pray and honor Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Sue Ellen Maher

I'm sorry I missed it but love to know it was happening here in Croton at HNM. Happy Birthday Bridget. SEM

Luz Stella Kochiss

I would like to thank everybody who was part of this. I had never experience it before but I think it is a great tradition and tribute to Our Lady of Guadalupe. Many thanks to all the people who did not speak Spanish but wanted to be a part of this. We all appreciate your support and openness to a different culture. I am glad to hear that everybody enjoyed it.

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