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Saturday, September 13, 2008


Phil Faranda

The attempts to defend Biden in the forum you linked to are patently absurd. Biden claims to be a devout Catholic. A guy who just attends mass and puts $20 per Sunday in the collection basket can claim a deduction of over $1000. Parishioners who are registered get an end of year statement for their taxes. By these numbers in the years disclosed, Biden gave virtually nothing to his church, 9/11 relief, Tsunami aid, and plenty of other worthy (and urgent) causes. For a guy who makes his political bones portraying 6-figure earnings as rich fat cats who don't pay their fair share, this $200k-$300k earner is astounding hypocritical.

The man's record is a disgrace, and apologists for him are grasping at straws.

tom faranda


I agree 1,000% but here's an alternate view from Ann Althouse -


"Obamas does substantially better at 5.8% - 6.1%, but it's still really stingy compared to McCain who is way up in the 27.3% - 28.6% range. Is this out of whack with political ideology? I say no! Conservatives believe private charity should bear more of the burdens of caring for the unfortunate and other good works. Liberals want to see government do more, and we're expected to pay taxes to pay for it. I see no hypocrisy here at all."

I think this is nonsense, but Althouse probably represents a fiar number of people, including people you and I know ...

Phil Faranda

I just lost a ton of respect for Ann Althouse

John Lally

Biden an "apostate" Catholic???!

The Catechism of the Catholic Church (2089) defines apostasy as "the total repudiation of the Christian church."

Contrast this view of Biden with that portrayed in "Joe Biden's Catholicism" in the Catholic periodical. America:
http://americamagazine.org/blog/entry.cfm?blog_id=2&id=F050F028-5056-8928-10976C9B215D2A9E (See also "Joe Biden on Abortion" http://www.ontheissues.org/Social/Joe_Biden_Abortion.htm )

tom faranda


You are right. It's an exaggeration to call him an apostate. I suppose Bill Maher, would be a good example of an apostate.

Rather, Biden fits the definition of a schismatic. I know these are old-fashioned terms, but with his stubborn, public, decdes long disregard for Church teachings on abortion, his clear disregard for our charitable obligations, the refusal of his own Bishop to allow him to speak in Catholic forums in his diocese ... Yup fits the definition.


I suppose a more contemporary term would be secular Catholic or CINO (Catholic in name only).

The Church has enough problems without having Biden in the #2 spot in the Country as the poster boy for Contemporary lay Catholicism.

As much as it is Biden's responsibility, it's also our gutless American Bishops who've refuse to carry out their role as authoritative teachers and shepherds who are also to blame.

judith anderson

Apostate is hyperbole, Tom. But Biden, Pelosi, Cuomo, Guiliani are just four high-profile Catholics who have convinced themselves that legislative support for abortion on demand and support for its most radical proponents is enlightened, and the American thing to do. Why? Because not all are "believers". This is superficial nonsense. Political loyalties have trumped their beliefs. They are also misinformed in many circumstances about Church teaching. Most recently Biden said he personally believes it is a human life from conception. The same people who push science in the evolution debate totally wish to ignore science on this issue. Of course we know without doubt - scientifically - it is a human life. The ability to not want to see what this choice is - the killing and the massive, wanton destruction of innocent human life to avoid the natural consequences of a very human act, staggers. We haven't just sold our soul, we've given it away for puny political perks.

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