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Sunday, August 30, 2009


Denice Cannon

They say Ted got his act together after he met his wife Vicky. Here's another example of the value of a good wife!


That's right - he seems to have cut out the philandering. I think they got married in '92.

Dennis Cannon

You'll note that Senator Kennedy didn't merit a personal reply from the Pontiff.


Huh? Read the whole post - the entire text of the Pope's personal reply is printed above. According to the first article linked to, this was delivered by a Vatican official.


UGH! He had until his last second..hopefully he took it!Maybe between the prayers of his sister, his mom and the Pope he had a last minute conversion....

Dennis Cannon

I guess I'm too cynical. I don't consider a response from a Vatican underling to be a personal reply from the Holy Father.


did ya hear the one about the senator arriving at the pearly gates? he found that st. peter was recently replaced by tim russert. "About that letter you wrote way back in '71...you did write it? and can you tell us what exactly you meant when you said “When history looks back to this era...

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