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Saturday, February 06, 2010


Theresa Bonopartis

is she there? what is going on?


No, Brigid is not there - the whole thing is still in Limbo. Not that it bothers us at all. The original judge removed herself because her husband was a public promoter of abortion.

The ridiculous thing is - the year before ND gave the Laetare award to Martin Sheen, who of course used to be heavily involved in civil disobedience re: war and nuclear weapons (I was arrested with Sheen once in New York City). So for Jenkins, civil disobedience is something to be admired - except when it's aimed at his institution.

why Jenkins doesn't just ask that the charges be dismissed is a mystery.


"why Jenkins doesn't just ask that the charges be dismissed is a mystery."
No mystery. Yesterday Fr. Richard Gill gave a great short homily. St. John the Baptist had "spoken up".

Judith Anderson

Not that Brigid isn't big enough or strong enough to take care of herself, but Tim makes a great looking bodyguard. Is there a Notre Dame court appearance in your future, Tim?
You go, Brigid! Show them the power of petite under God!


Back in the days of Ronald Reagan we had Bob Hope and Johnny Cash still with us. Now we have clowns like Obama and Fr. Jenkins, but with no hope and no cash !

- the Perspicacious Perspirer

thea mcginnis

well, i am hoping that the best of minds at ND to do the right thing. hang in there, brigid. miss you all! t

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