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Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Dennis Cannon

She's just trying to maintain her girlish figure. (Actually, I hear she prefers Beamish).

O.K., Tom

For the record: I've never liked beer! I've not had 2 ounces in me life, for that first ounce was so bitter -- I recoiled, shuddered, and shook quite badly--the taste was of bitter potatoes ! and thank God for that!

Certainly I've had my share of wine. But on my one trip to Ireland, I was driven from country-tavern to country-tavern, all connected by the most winding and narrow roads you'd ever want to experience on God's green Earth, seemingly for hours yet all the bartends would proudly and with great finesse plunk down a Guinness in front of me. Two and a half decades later, they have yet to witness Eire's national delicacy turned down with such disdain!

I too "politely declined" as did the Queen, but without the shelter of the Royal Turquoise Lid.

Judith Anderson

Stuart Varney of Fox Finance said the Queen is never seen eating or drinking as a matter of Royal policy. Americans and their Presidents never do anything without eating or drinking simultaneously, it seems. Remember the beer summit? Can see why we and the Brits parted ways back in the day!

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