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Saturday, July 23, 2011


Judith Anderson

Welcome home, pilgrim.


T. you are a trip...........that's why we all love ya.


can you be more specific about the unrecognizable lump? I thought if you make a crosshairs on the middle of the picture, I saw two bear eyes just above the upper left quadrant. Charles said that was trees, and the lump must be down at the bottom.

Great to learn all these things from the young hikers (glad so many of them are out there doing this.)

great trip.


Maria, the bear is the dark area almost in the very center of the photo, behind the vertical line, which is a tree. You can only make out a vague shape, no eyes. The bear was about 70 yards away and I cropped and lightened the picture. Wish I gotten a better picture.


I think I see it. A shape that slopes downward from left to right I think. How fun!

Tom Faranda

Maria, that's it. And if you look carefully you can make out the 2 front legs.

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