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Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Mary Keon

Tom, I suggest you avoid arm wrestling with Tim! Mary

Tom faranda

Right! A year ago I could actually leg wrestle with Tim and flip him. Now he'd drill me through the wall ... He did start doing some light squatting yesterday, and we expect will get OK for full activity in about three weeks.

Dennis Cannon

Ouch! Tim, be careful!

135 isn't too bad either, is it? After all, you must be pushing 40, no? Well, you look the same as you did at 40.

Dennis Cannon

...of course, my last part of the post was directed at the senior Mr. Faranda.

tom faranda

I spot Tim on any heavy bench lifts - right now, that's anything over 185. No sense taking a chance...

Meanwhile, he spots me on anything 160 or more - and I haven't tried over 160 in months. My one rep max is probably 175.

Tim will have to use a squat rack when he gets back to doing heavy squats - still off limits for about a month because of the knee.

I haven't looked 40 in twenty years.!

Ellen Mullin

Hey Tim nice going !!!! But being a woman and a Mother......PLEASE BE CAREFUL!!!!!!! You just got over an injury.
Ellen M.

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