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Sunday, August 26, 2012



I gotta be me....enjoy


So funny....I never tasted Southern Comfort until I saw that ad. I am not usually influenced by ads but for some reason this one caught my attention. I am a woman in my 50s and he looks like someone I used to know or dated once or twice or worked with. Maybe he is an actor. Does anyone know his name? Oh....I am not a regular alcohol drinker but went to the store and bought a small bottle of Southern Comfort and I loved it over ice the other night before going to bed.


Dear Linda - If you are running out to the store after seeing a booze commercial then it qualifies you as a regular alcohol drinker.

Ashley | Soccer News

LOL, Really made me laugh, the sense of humor and uniqueness is there. :P


If they're trying to get people to STOP drinking they've done a good job!

scott k

As an aging man I really enjoy a commercial that celebrates being happy with being different or not perfect.

Suzanne Dehn

I really like the new Southern Comfort Commercial with the over weight guy on the beach walking with swagger. Everytime I watch it I laugh so hard (in a good way). I am really curious though what his name is. He looks like a guy I dated for a few years approx. 26 yrs ago & his name was Gary & was nicknamed Deano due to his last name. If you could please verify this for me I would really appreciate it. Thank-you


What's the freaking song?

Debbie Gentry

I really like the ad but the heck is the actor ?


The song is hit or miss by odetta gordan


Is that Dennis franz?


I love this.. This guy totally OWNS IT. I am fixated.


It's a DON advert makes me smile every time it comes on.


This is what u call an ad, total genius instantly takes you to bliss.

Adriana Tate

Please put some clothes on

Bob Neely

I love this, every thing nowdays is geared to the yung and perfect people! This guy dosen'T give a shit. Makes me want to try Souther Confort again.


The actor is Mel Shampain: http://www.facebook.com/mel.shampain


Dude rocks! Seriously! also-Few commercials can show and you actually remember the product too..

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