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Sunday, December 14, 2014


Dennis Cannon

Unfortunately, the Mayor has given much reason for the police unions to be unhappy with him. His remarks about "The Talk" he had with his son could have been delivered more sensitively, but all parents, regardless of their race, might do well to have a conversation with their teenage children about how to behave when encountering the police. It seems there are plenty of people of all backgrounds out there who think they should challenge police authority on the street. Sadly, these encounters will often end badly for all involved.

Actually, the Mayor has frequently tried to couch his statements with words that show support for the police. His real problems stem from his acceptance of those he associates with, be they "community advisors" or mayoral appointees. In addition, the New York City Council cannot be described as a body that treats police-related issues fairly.

Regarding the funeral "waiver" being encouraged by the PBA, officers of the NYCPD should realize that the Mayor is their employer and he is the duly elected representative of the people those police officers are employed to serve. If they have such a strong dislike for their employer(s), perhaps they should seek a position elsewhere.

tom faranda

Ahhh you are very generous to the Mayor. I find this sort of race-baiting infuriating. His suggestion wasn't that all parents need to have a discussion with their children about dealing with the police; it was that his mixed race son needed to be especially careful because he wasn't white.

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