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Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Dennis Cannon

"A second key area where you are called to make a contribution is in showing concern for the environment. This is not only because this country, more than many others, is likely to be seriously affected by climate change. You are called to care for creation not only as responsible citizens, but also as followers of Christ!"
-Pope Francis, Santo Tomas University, Manila,
Jan.18, 2015

"Blah, blah, blah. If it gets hotter, colder, or stays the same, it's always global warming for these people."
-The Folly, Feb. 11, 2015

tom faranda

Well now, if the implication is that care for the environment requires me to accept that we can actually know what amounts to the weather report in 100 years, then I don't care for the environment. However, I don't happen to believe that is the case. I am very interested in the environment, and would like to see some efforts made that really benefit people. A great start would be a global effort t raise the standard of living for the 900 million of so people who have no running water. That would actually be quite environmentally friendly.

The people who do everything possible to twist data to "prove" global warming remind me of the people who twist data to "prove" that vaccinations cause autism.


Anyone here who's interested can start by going here >>>

If you're still interested in more verification after that, there's much more like it all over the web. You just have to 'google' it. It's all there to be seen.


Here's more for those interested >>>

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