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Thursday, December 15, 2016


Beth Allen

I don't know if this will do any good but it makes a whole lot of sense. It gives electors an opportunity that they may very well wish to execute.

Dennis Cannon

In light of full disclosure considerations, isn't the Editor an old buddy of Marty's?

tom faranda

Yes that's right I met him in a midtown police precinct and it was "Call me Martin". That was about a year before he became president on "The West Wing" and my opinion of him is quite high. Nice guy, very down to earth, go storyteller. He was a friend of the late Ned Murphy, SJ who I also knew, and the three of us were sitting with a couple of other folks and chatted for maybe ninety minutes. He was in NYC to see his daughter who was studying to become a chef and Murphy suggested he go to the Pax Christi Good Friday Stations of the Cross. About 16 or so people did the "15th Station", which is how we ended up in Paddy Wagons.

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