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Wednesday, December 28, 2016



Monday morning quarterbacking talk from a comfortable couch is always easy and cheap.

Go here >>> https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CzGFNTyVEAAvrmp.jpg


GO HERE TOO>>> http://www.politifake.org/image/political/1311/obama-must-time-flush-this-turd-vik-politics-1385076484.jpg


AND HERE >>> http://www.renewamerica.com/images/columns/13/130411

Dennis Cannon

Throughout 2016 the Folly has had no shortage of offensive posts about the current administration (like the second comment above), yet there is a marked silence about the warm embrace the new administration is offering to the leader of a re-emerging and dangerous Evil Empire. What would the Gipper say?! It appears the USA of that great Republican leader has replaced a president labeled a “turd” with a Kremlin lap-dog. Maybe it’s more important than ever to see those income tax returns!


Trump can hardly be judged a 'Kremlin lap-dog' when he is still about 19 days from becoming President, and has no record of any dealings with the Russians whatsoever. And it is 'The Turd' himself (Obama) who is, by far, the much more dangerous agent of an 'Evil Empire', as he tries to stir up a conflict with Russia over the Fake News lie - and without any proof mind you - that they somehow were responsible for the election of 'the Donald'. We're all supposed to simply trust the Turd and believe this fiction just because he says it. Not me.

tom faranda

Sweat I would suggest that name calling in this manner is really not necessary and in fact unclassy (and we like to be classy at the Folly). Having strong opinions is fine - and you know my opinion of the current Administration - but please avoid fecal references.


Turd has more than one meaning. I was using it with the 'mean and contemptible person' meaning in mind; which is exactly what Obama is.
And the word 'flush' simply means 'to rouse and put to flight', which is what 'the Donald' will do to Obama on Jan 20. There is no doubt that the contemptible Obama needs to be put to flight, and roused out of office as quickly as possible before he can do any more damage than he's already done.
I can't help it if others choose to ascribe other meanings and images to the words. That is beyond my control. But I highly suspect that the problem really lies not so much with words, but with political leanings, as is so often the case with these things.

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