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Wednesday, May 09, 2018


Dennis Cannon

It is certainly difficult to dispute this analysis. However one could also ask, “how many prominent right-wing public figures and activists experience a disconnect between their ideology and their behavior?” Too many as well. One could start with the titular head of the “Party of Family Values” and Abuser-in-Chief.

tom faranda

Absolutely on the first part! Although probably less hypocrisy then Schneiderman showed. But - what evidence is there that Trump is/was an abuser? Did he rape or beat any women up? Being a chronic fornicator and adulterer is not the same as physical abuse. Assuming he was screwing Ms. Daniels in 2006, isn't that about the time his wife #3 was pregnant? Ugh...

Dennis Cannon

Well, being the editor brought it up, the president’s first wife, in a sworn deposition for their divorce case, charged that her husband violently raped her on one occasion. Some time later she recanted her testimony and received a rather generous divorce settlement. In 2016, a woman came forward and claimed that the president and another man raped her in 1994 when she was 13. Allegedly there were two corroborating witnesses to the rape, but the plaintiff dropped her civil case days before the presidential election.

Additionally, there are at least 18 other women who have alleged that the president misbehaved sexually with them without consent. Seven of them detail behavior that in New York State would constitute, at minimum, the crime of sexual abuse according to the penal law.

Of course, all these women could be liars as the president has said.

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