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Wednesday, June 20, 2018



Thank you for posting. Selective outrage is always stunning in its hypocrisy.

Dennis Cannon

If previous administrations enacted this policy of the Trump administration, the outrage wouldn’t have been selective. The fact is no other administration had this immoral policy. According to officials of previous administrations, their policy was to separate children from adults after their illegal entry only when human trafficking was suspected or if the accompanying adults could not satisfactorily demonstrate a family connection with the minor. In addition, some children were separated from their parents if the parent was being prosecuted for a criminal offense other than a first time illegal entry. In these cases an attempt was made to place these children with other family members in the United States as soon as possible. They didn’t remove children from every adult caught entering the U.S. illegally. I suspect many of the children in your photos were unaccompanied minors who entered illegally. The president and his enablers are simply trying to put lipstick on a pig with all their conflicting and misleading excuses. But they’ll have to live with the stain of disgrace they’ve placed on themselves and our country.

tom faranda

Well I'm not so sure about your position, except to agree with the lipstick on a pig point. This is certainly selective outrage. How many incarcerated people in the USA have their children with them? Nope, they are all placed elsewhere - whether with family members, foster care, or institutions. Must be hundreds of thousands of children. the people who entered the country illegally, well it's illegal. All they had to do is go through the proper gateways and use the magic password "Asylum" and they get housed and given a hearing. Am i mistaken about that? All this talk about Hitler and concentration camps - anything to distract from the ongoing IG hearings and the current outbreak of Peace and Prosperity. As Mrs. Clinton used to say when her husband was President "You're against Peace and Prosperity"?

Dennis Cannon

I don't think you'll find many people detained before trial for such a low-level misdemeanor who have had their children removed and sent to government facilities. By the way, let me know as soon as peace breaks out.

tom faranda

Entering the country illegally is a low level misdemeanor? Who knew? Will let you know when N and S Korea sign their peace agreement.


Looks like the Time cover needed "correction" https://ca.news.yahoo.com/white-house-accuses-democrats-media-exploiting-toddler-photo-175002249.html

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