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Tuesday, June 19, 2018



Nice! Unfortunately, it is not the same family who owned/operated when they were in Croton. The founding family was named Horowitz and, if I remember correctly, started the company in the 1890s!! The name was changed somewhere along the way and the last family owner was Jim Horton (was living in Putnam Valley, now CA) until the closed up shop here, which I believe was the same time as they sold. I have 2 of their watches-one is my every day watch, so it’s been around quite a while!!

tom faranda

Maria thanks for the info. I think I saw somewhere that they are importing most of their watches from China. I'm a seiko guy myself.


China!!!???!!! I watched their video and it sounded like they were still working with the Swiss?!?!?! Oh, well...

tom faranda

You may be totally right - I saw that also. You can't believe lots of opinions / stuff online so they may be all-swiss. Or possibly swiss components sent to China for assembly? I know that is done.

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