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Tuesday, August 07, 2018



Ladies and Gentlemen!
It's finally started to happen. The wicked global elitists have become so insecure, that they can no longer tolerate the tremendous success and popularity of that greatest of American patriots, the incomparable Alex Jones. In a fair fight on a level battlefield they have lost the war of ideas and information against him. So, in the last resort of scoundrels (and in an act of sheer desperation), they've recently moved to unjustly censor him in a serious way, in the hope that his great influence will be markedly diminished before the critical upcoming elections in November and beyond. They've gone after him first, attempting to set a precedent which they can then use as a springboard to launch similar attacks against other great voices of freedom and truth. These dark forces and their allies who are ranged against this man cannot be allowed to succeed. But don't just take ol' Sweat's word for all this. Rather, you can hear and see Alex personally explain it all for yourselves over here >>>


I'm very glad to see that Rush Limbaugh came out strongly against this attack on Alex Jones today. He's smart enough to know that after they take down the Great Alex Jones, they'll surely be coming after him and all those like him next. Kudos for Rush!
So don't listen to those who don't like the Great AJ and have been attacking him for years. They are the dark enemies of truth. Reject them.

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