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Tuesday, October 16, 2018


Regina Montana

These saints were incredible. I'm sure their reward is great in heaven. They were made of stronger stuff.


I cannot add to the 1st comment except if we TRY to follow their example we might find it worth it to keep trying. The name of Jesus was adored then now it is profaned.


It's quite true that today is the Feast Day of St. Margaret Mary. And she is indeed a great saint. But one would be terribly remiss, especially if claiming to be a pro-lifer, if one neglected to note that today is also the Feast Day of the Great Saint Gerard Majella, the patron saint of expectant mothers! But I strongly suspect you fell victim to this dereliction because you once again failed to refer to the best and most comprehensive wall calendar of saints in the western world - the one put out by the Tan Books Company - and which can be observed, and obtained by going to the following link:


Saint Gerard Majella died on this day in 1755 and exhibited some extraordinary gifts, such as levitation, bi-location, and the ability to read souls.

St. Gerard Majella - PRAY FOR US !

tom faranda

Sweat, glad you mentioned St. Gerard since that's my middle name!


All the more reason for you NOT to forget to mention him.

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