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Monday, October 22, 2018



The Great St. John Paul the Great was truly great, as well as a saint; and is also one of Sweat's favorites. But one would be truly remiss not to note that today is also the Feast Day of St. Mary Salome. She was one of the "Three Marys" in the Gospel who served Christ. St. Mary Salome was blessed with the awesome favors of witnessing the Crucifixion, as well as being among the women to whom Christ appeared in the flesh immediately after His Resurrection on Easter Sunday. She was also the mother of two of The Twelve Apostles (St. James the Great and St. John) and was the wife of Zebedee. And that's not even half of it. She can also add to her resume that the Blessed Virgin Mary is her aunt, both her father and mother are saints, and three of her brothers were members of the Twelve Apostles. How's that for being connected to the inner circle?

St. Mary Salome - PRAY FOR US ! ! !

tom faranda

Sweat I've gotten an email query on where you've gotten the genealogy re: Salome - what's the evidence?


One of the places you can go to find some of this info is Catholicism.org. Go to the following link.


Also, it can be known from other reliable sources that St. Mary Salome was the daughter of St. Mary of Cleophas. And since St. Mary of Cleophas was a sister of the Blessed Virgin Mary, that gives St. Mary Salome the distinct honor of being able to call the Mother of God her aunt.

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