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Wednesday, October 10, 2018



Make The Church Great Again.


What a hypocrite! If he really believed that we shouldn't align ourselves with any party, then why has he himself aligned himself with so many of the tenets of the globalists and the New World Order over the course of his disastrous reign?

Time for Bergoglio to resign.

William Montu

I think he is blindsided - one party stands for economic slavery, we see that result in Venezuela. The other stands for freedom in all aspects. Charity not withstanding ask yourself who freely gives more - socialist States or democrat/republic States

Who you choose to elect should be based on what a candidate espouses, has demonstrated and will work to achieve.

Some Party’s officials preach hate and deliver upon it with attempts to kill elected officials as with the Republican Congressman playing baseball. I did hear the Pope speak out about that event.

The Pope is anti-USA, he is pro-abortion by appointing an abortionist to his scientific committee that now has closed doors meetings since he was appointed.

He failed to reach out to the people of Venezuela.

He called the US selfish, a country whose people are more generous than any other country.

He is a Jesuit who is a disgrace who let McCarrick loose.


And now Bergoglio wants to investigate himself in regard to the McCarrick affair.
See here >>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hb0cdQpHN00

Can we trust him?

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