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Tuesday, January 22, 2019



Thank you. More people need to read more, react less, and then repeat. Especially before they post, re-tweet, etc. The author of this article is to be commended for coming forward.


I feel so sorry for this young man, his class mates, school and family. Celebrities calling for them to be destroyed should be brought up on charges. Kathy Griffin is a very sick woman. I'm proud of these boys for going to the March For Life and playing it cool while Two different groups of adults harassed them. You're right Tom! Social Justice has to destroy individual justice. These young men were targeted for this type of harrssment and fake news story. I'm happy the president spoke in their favor.


This affair puts a whole new twist on the 'Enter Sandmann' theme !

Go here >>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CD-E-LDc384

GO NICK GO ! ! !


To Sweat, I love classic Metallica and Enter Sandman is one of my favorite Metal songs. Good music to toughen up to. I hope those Catholic School boys get to relax and rock out to some classic Metal. That will make them feel better.

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