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Saturday, September 21, 2019



The was no parking for me in town to pick up my child from school at that time like there normally is. I guess these people don't believe in car pooling or walking. I see none of these people at village meetings discussing development of green space in our town. What holes did they crawl out of?
Hahahaha! As forest land in Croton continues to get decimated a group of people skip school and work and sing songs and think they are making a difference. They must be patronizing our local vape shop a lot to develop these ideas.


A good number of the people in these photos are recognizable from postings at the Peekskill community pages. As such, parking was indeed problematic in Croton.

Also fyi, no other businesses closed "in solidarity" here, as well as in Peekskill. At least two village board members, possibly more, were in attendance.

tom faranda

i thought the Black Cow closed? Or at least my understanding was they were going to.


I'm fairly certain they were open. They didn't seem to advertise they would be closed.


I dare say that AOC and her many wacko climate change allies are all going to be fuming when they hear that the Black Cow was on the loose in Croton, refusing to bow down and worship their Sacred Cow of Climate Change during the Climate Strike.
According to AOC and her gang of communists, all cows should be done away with...even black ones!

But kudos to the Black Cow in Croton. Assuming they stayed open during this silly and foolish climate strike against the sun; Sweat will definitely seek to patronize them next time he finds himself in town.


A real black eye for Croton, that so many of it's residents would fall for this fake, phony, global warming/climate change scam. The most reliable scientists will tell you that climate change (and the climate is constantly changing, since the earth's biosphere is not a static thing and never has been) is largely a function of the cycles of our powerful sun, and the variations of the earth's rotation around it. So these fools are basically out there protesting and striking against an ancient natural phenomenon over which they have absolutely zero control! IDIOTS!!!


To my knowledge, no other schools in the more immediate area went out on strike but I'm still checking. It looks like it was pretty much a non-event across the county.

the Titan of Torrents - Sweat

I wonder how many of these fools now march - and sympathize with - the BLM and Antifa Communists. I would guess probably not an insignificant number. All these big lies have a common denominator.

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