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Sunday, November 17, 2019



So glad she got this on record.

NW 332

What Representative Stefanik failed to mention while she wasted the committee’s time with her performance was that Representative Schiff made those statements about the whistleblower before the numerous other patriotic and dedicated public servants came forward to corroborate the whistleblower’s account and add even more details of the corrupt behavior of the president and his associates. These other witnesses have made the appearance of the whistleblower unnecessary, yet the defenders of the president continue to focus on him or her. In fact, exposing the whistleblower to the Republicans on the investigating committees can place him or her in real jeopardy despite the law that is supposed to protect whistleblowers. The president has already implied publicly that perhaps the whistleblower should be executed for being a spy!
Representative Stefanik has fallen in step with her Republican colleagues in repeatedly changing the subject and performing stunts to take the attention away from the serious allegations of corruption leveled at this president and his associates. She and her Republican colleagues should be ashamed of themselves. Circus indeed!

tom faranda

Read the transcript of the President's call.

NW 332

It is not a transcript. It is a "call summary"... though.

tom faranda

Funny, Politico, not exactly a friend of Trump, calls it a transcript.

NW 332

Let us know when you get the links for the transcripts for the president’s calls with Putin and Erdogan.

tom faranda

That's why God made Google.

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