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Saturday, June 20, 2020


Earl DePass

Nice honest reflection Tom. Thank you.
What we have in Croton is special.


I'm happy everyone was being respectful of one another and had a carthartic moment with good weather. Thanks for the pictures Tom. Great report and documentation too.

Earl DePass

Tom, I am taking back my previous post stating you made an honest reflection since you updated the original post to insinuate that the rally had something to do with vandalism on your property. Shame on you!

I take your insinuation personally because your are intentionally trying to criminalize my children, and the other great Croton kids,who organized this event by associating them with an alleged act of vandalization.

In fact, the kids worked closely with John Nikotopoulos and the Croton PD to make the event the peaceful event that it was.

Associating our youth with criminality is not mere folly.

I demand a public apology on your part be posted on this website and be sent to all the recipients of your email. I also want you to apologize to the juvenile organizers of this event and their parents.

You are someone I looked up to and brake bread with, and you are a leader in my Parish community. Repentance is in order. Don't you agree?

I also want to confirm that most of the attendees were locals. You posted you did not recognize many people. Is it because the faces were mostly young, and yiu are old, and stay your bubble? There is an ugly rumor going around that most of the attendees were not from Croton to try to discredit the efforts of our Croton High Schoolers.

The entire Croton Black Lives Matter event has been archived on YouTube at:

the Kahuna of Kersplash - Sweat

Dear Brother Faranda,
Sorry to hear that you now have to deal with this cursed plague in your own backyard. It has now become quite obvious that BLM has precious little to do with race. For them, race is just a wedge issue which allows them to get into a position to accomplish a much, much larger goal. I suspect that many of the poor, naive and gullible folks who have been duped into marching under BLM's banner are completely unaware that it's actually a clever communist front, originally started by lesbians at war with God, and in league with the minions of satan, and that they're being used as useful idiots, by global elites, to advance an agenda different and alien from that which the great founders of this country envisioned, and to replace it with a tyrannical, godless system in which many of our former God-given rights and freedoms will be stripped away. Truth be told, BLM is actually racist itself, imprudently judging a whole race, i.e. whites, solely by the color of their skin, instead of by their individual merits, as the Great Dr. Martin Luther King taught.Their main goal is to destroy our country, and overturn the Judeo-Christian foundation upon which it was built. They are anti-Catholic, anti-traditional family, pro-abortion, pro-gender dysphoria, and pro LGBTQ. They are presently - allied with other violent individuals and groups such as Antifa - trying to bring about a cultural revolution, in this country and the world, similar to that which happened in Mao's China, Lenin's Russia, and Hitler's Germany. Sadly, human beings seldom learn from history, and are doomed to repeat it over and over again, only with a different cast of characters every time it happens anew. Such is now the case in our time.

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