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Tuesday, June 16, 2020


the Maitre d' of Melt - Sweat

It's good to see the Chief Hobbit finally hitting the Hudson Valley trails again!

the Nabob of Neptune - Sweat

But I hope that was really you Faranda. Are you sure that wasn't a double who you sent up there to make your fans think it was you? The photo was only a side view. I'm afraid you may need to trudge all the way back up there and take a full front face view (without the Scamdemic CoronaCold mask!) to totally silence the naysayers.

Hallie Wolfe

Nice. I did Taurus on Sunday and today, for my birthday (78) we did Breakneck to Sunset Point then over to Sugarloaf and down. Just spectacular! Ain’t it great to get out again? We are so fortunate!

tom faranda

OMG! Hallie I'm exhausted just reading what you did!

the Big Cheese of Bogginess - Sweat

I won't believe it until I see a full face frontal fhoto of Faranda at the summit, without one of those embarrassing submission muzzle burka face masks covering half of his face.

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