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Tuesday, June 09, 2020



I believe she resurfaced later to say she was mistaken or misunderstood.
It's concerning.


That's correct Jessica......Once again, yet another flip-flop from the "international experts"......

the Shogun of Swash - Sweat

You can't trust a word of what these phony elites tell you.


Yes! It's concerning because they can't be trusted at all! So glad Trump took away their money from us!



NW 332

Yes indeed. We should only listen to the President who says the virus will just “go away at some point” even without a vaccine. And there’s always disinfectant injection. Now over 100,000 Americans dead, and the count is still climbing.


Yes and the WHO kept telling the world there was no human to human transmission in China! Outrageous! They screwed up the entire world
by covering for China and failing to be honest. Why should we pay them a damn penny! They still don't seem to have any solid facts on this!

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