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Wednesday, June 17, 2020


Ed Riely

WSJ The Militarization of the Police
June 17, 2020 Wednesday
I think this is a naive portrayal of a liberal mantra, including some downright DISHONESTY. The description of the Ferguson, Michael Brown incident was so deficient as to be a lie. To discuss Seattle and Oakland without discussing violence bent Antifa like militants and organized agitators paid for by internal and external corporate and communist players is politically correct but DISHONEST. Increased weaponry happened when gangs were better armed than the police. Note two things: the Negotiations the Police seek with demonstrators bent on violence or lawlessness DON'T happen because they are leaderless mobs OR they are organized groups, like in Seattle, intent on violence like the Socialist/Communists that show up at EVERY WTO Meeting. Note #2 There are many Police Officials with political agendas, both left and right. They are, like active/retired generals seeking to reinforce their positions with politicians or among their peers or with future employers in the teaching or consulting professions. They tend to be apologetic about their police work or other people's police work, to curry favor. The worst tend to be employed by big cities where cowardice or subservience FAILS and they wind up getting FIRED. Think: Seattle, Portland, Baltimore, Chicago, Atlanta, Washington, DC, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles. Item #3 What none of the people on video brought up, including the reporter, is the ABOSOLUTE NECESSITY TO GET OUT IN FRONT OF THE STORY ONCE AN INCIDENT HAPPENS. Michael Brown was NOT an unarmed honor student shot by a policeman "while black". Rayshard Brooks was not just a guy sleeping in his car. And no black man was murdered in a Newark police precinct after a traffic stop in 1967. While the whole "Rodney King" tapes have never been released to the public, which an HUGE enraged drugged up man, out of control, fails to respond to commands, and repeated moves after the policemen. THE VIDEOS THAT APPEARED IN PUBLIC WERE DAMNING to Police. And, it goes without saying, that the GEORGE FLOYD APPEARS TO BE A HOMICIDE by POLICEMEN and SENT Innocent and Malicious protesters into the street. It happened at one of the worst possible times in American history, when millions of Americans were locked down over the Corona virus, unemployed, their businesses shut, their sports shut, their legitimate outlets shut, AND GLUED TO THEIR TVs. The VIOLENCE was ignited not by lack of understandable and peaceful OUTRAGE, but by unorganized violent criminals and gangs long in ascendancy in Minneapolis, a city long associated with terrible, extremely liberal, political and consequently, police leadership. AS SOON AS THE FLOYD VIDEO APPEARED AUTHORITIES SHOULD HAVE HAD A, AND ENACTED A WELL TESTED CRISIS MANAGEMENT PLAN TO HEAD OFF THE INEVITABLE. Obviously authorities at, the City, the State, and even the Federal level, HAD NO MULTI FACETED PLAN starting, and most importantly, with MEDIA, PR, and SOCIAL MEDIA. That, in my opinion, is the most significant failure (some would say almost criminal dereliction of duty) of Political/Police Leadership, NOT Tactics, Armaments, or Equipment.
*Footnotes: In almost every police incident leading to a riot, we have a VERY LARGE black man, guilty of violating the law, AND resisting arrest. And, in many cases, we have a crowd of onlookers, kibitzing and critiquing, or interfering with, the arrest. This adds incredible stress to the situation, and needs to be addressed and defused!
**Personal: I speak as on having hundreds of interactions with police over a fifty year period at demonstrations and individually. I have been arrested seventeen times and jailed fourteen times.

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