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Sunday, August 02, 2020


NW 332

Of course this comes after the White House ordered the CDC to water down their original guidelines.

Regina Montana

Great Report. Thanks for posting that.

the Conquistador of Clamminess - Sweat

We can't let the Communist, Anti-American Mask Nazis win. Open up all the schools....NOW ! ! !

tom faranda

The CDC takes it's orders from Donald? What were the original guidelines? And how do you know? Some whistleblower?

NW 332

It was reported in the Wall Street Journal on July 8. You can look it up.

tom faranda

I read the July 8th article. Trump criticized the guidelines - so what? He didn't "order" them to change them; Trump criticizes everyone and everything.

"Administration officials responded to Mr. Trump’s criticism by saying the CDC guidance wasn’t meant to tie schools’ hands or provide an excuse not to open, and that new guidance due next week should allay some of his concerns. They didn’t say how substantial any changes would be.

“The president said today we don’t want the guidance to be too tough,” said Vice President Mike Pence. “That’s the reason why next week the CDC is going to be issuing a new set of tools, five different documents that will be giving more clarity on the guidance going forward.”

“I want to make it very clear that what is not the intent of CDC’s guidelines is [for it] to be used as a rationale to keep schools closed,” said CDC Director Robert Redfield."



NW 332

The article’s opening sentence: “President Trump pushed federal health officials to ease coronavirus guidelines for schools...” ‘Sounds like an order to me. But I guess you can believe what you want.

tom faranda

Yes you can believe what you want. It's America! Just ask AOC about her opinion on Saint Damien - "This is what patriarchy and white supremacist culture looks like!" You can believe what you want.


T'would obviously be much healthier for the country if all government schools stayed closed - permanently.

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