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Tuesday, July 07, 2020



All I can say is: what is our country coming to? I have never seen so much destruction, death and on going violence in America in my life. I feel like I am watching the end of the Roman Empire when the barbarians came in and wrecked things but ultimately they wanted Roman ways in the end. I don't even know what these people want or stand for. Unbelievable! If we get Biden we are screwed, glued and pappered all in one go. The mob wins and God forbid you disagree with even one step of their thinking. You will be destroyed. This doesn't sound like America to me. The country where families members of mine gave their lives for. Right now we are not the land of the free or the brave. We are the land of mob rule. In this state no problems can ever be solved until logic and laws are restored and cool heads prevail.

Peter Marengo

These are what the Marxists called the “useful idiots”, ingrates who know very little of American history, nor care, and had mommy wipe their rear ends through college.


Many of us, when we were children, would go out into the bright summer days, filled with possibilities, to play. We'd find a vacant lot and start to organize a Town. Cardboard boxes for a Town-hall, a jail, a few bottles of water and some snacks from the deli became the food-store. There would be a fort, a little police force, a mayor, a fire department, little plots of land for building things, parking lots for bicycles, maybe a tire-swing-amusement park. We knew how to run a town on our own. - But then as the sun sank low, mothers would holler names from screen doors and all of the 'residents' would scatter back home to dinner, to TV, and finally to bed. The Town would return to being a lonely vacant lot, with cardboard boxes and trash blowing around in a quiet summer night.

the Prototype of Precipitation - Sweat



They have been evicted and went home....
NEWS 12 - excerpted; read the entire article and see the video at the link.......

.......They want White Plains city leaders to strip funds from the White Plains Police Department, specifically the $1 million increase given to police patrol. The group says it wants that money to be given to those hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic by canceling rents that are in default.

The protesters also want the city to invest in the Department of Public Works to build a community garden in the Battle Hill area.

Neighbors who live in Battle Hill tell News 12 they are frustrated. They say the protesters are negatively impacting their way of life.

Carlos Torre, who lives around the corner from the autonomous zone, says the protesters have been there since the Fourth of July. "They put their stuff all over a park that is not theirs, we're actually from the community we use this park regularly, people walk their dogs, we aware of the activity.......I've never seen these guys before," he says. On Wednesday afternoon, the city evicted the protesters from the field. More at

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