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Friday, September 25, 2020



Thanks for posting. Some more interesting information


Less than 1 percent of teachers and students have become infected with COVID-19 since classes began, according to a new study.

The new data from Brown University’s National COVID-19 School Response Data Dashboard followed 550 schools across 46 states over a two-week period starting Aug. 31, with at least 300 conducting some form of in-person learning, the Washington Post reported. MORE AT https://nypost.com/2020/09/24/less-than-1-percent-of-students-teachers-have-covid-19-amid-reopening-study/

steven shumer

Hello Tom

The only thing not open in Croton is the library. I believe every other library in Westchester County is open. Someone should show this stat to the head librarian at the Croton Free library. I am not sure what they are waiting for..

NW 332

Unfortunately, these statistics don’t account for the estimated one in three survivors of Covid who now suffer from weeks or months of serious debilitating symptoms. Various organs and systems are reported to have been affected by these mysterious symptoms including the heart and even the brain. The quality of life in some of these survivors is significantly impacted, especially in older patients. The death rate is not the only factor to be considered when evaluating mitigation strategies.

tom faranda

Yes very good point re: continuing debilitation.


Regarding continued debilitation, there is extensive questioning as to whether this is truly related to COVID and the jury is still very much out.

That being said, as for the Croton library, it indeed remains closed while others are very much open. Residents might want to check out the Hen Hud branch (which is quite frankly, excellent) as well as the Ossining library. They are both operating under some restrictions so you would contact them directly first as the protocols evolve now that things are slowly returning to normal. You won't be disappointed.

NW 332

That must be the same jury that found that the 212,000 Americans didn’t really die from COVID-19 but rather from COPD, heart disease and diabetes.

tom faranda

Jury? It's the CDC - Center for Disease Control.

NW 332

I was referring to whatever jury “is still very much out” on the question of continued debilitation. The CDC has already acknowledged that “COVID-19 can result in prolonged illness, even among young adults without underlying chronic medical conditions.”


Every day--or almost everyday----the news on this virus changes or is upendeded from assorted "experts" (first masks were useless, then masks were important, to cite just one example). That being said--and getting back to the library situation--the Croton Library remains closed while others are thankfully open. Seriously now...check out the Ossining and Hen Hud Libraries. They are an amazing resource in general but especially at this time. Several of us make a "trip" out of it and have lunch/or breakfast at nearby establishments.

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