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Friday, September 25, 2020



You can't be arrested for not wearing a mask. It's not the law! Are we becoming a communist country? How about arresting rioters destroying people's businesses?

Steven Shumer


This obviously was not handled properly. You dont need to arrest anyone for not wearing a mask. Many people have pointed out that if George Floyd , Breonna Taylor , Daniel Prude etc had just listened to police they wouldnt have been killed. Some cynics may even say that white people get arrested while black people get killed. Let us be honest this woman did not handle things properly either. But she wasnt tasered, beaten or killed.


Steven, I don't know why you are making comparisons and basing your judgement on race. A person not breaking laws sitting watching a football game should not be taserrd and areested because there was no laws broken to be confronted or arrested for. Arrest the rioters destroying business. I am shocked that for people today they base all their thinking and logic on peoples skin color. I base my logic on if a person is a law breaker. You can't call your self not prejudice if you are judging people by skin color and not an individual's behavior or actions. Sorry!


It seems to me that liberals get a perverse amount of pleasure watching people be dominated and controlled. Especially those that follow the law and are good citizens. They enjoy letting the criminals rule the streets too. It's pretty obvious.

NW 332

This woman was not tasered, handcuffed and arrested for not wearing a mask. She was tasered, handcuffed and arrested for refusing to comply with the clearly stated requirement to wear a mask or leave the facility and then, after refusing to comply, she forcibly resisted a lawful arrest which wouldn’t have had to be made if she just followed the same rules as everyone else present.


If a person has a health problem then they can't wear a mask and that exception exists in NY. You can't legally throw someone out of an outdoor event or store for not wearing a mask. It's that simple! She will sue and win big! As I said liberals love to see innocent law abiding citizens dominated and controlled for no reason. She was social distanced outside with a health problem. I know several NYers who can't wear a mask due to health reasons and go places because they have to. She should have been left alone as there is no law requiring people to wear masks. Get ready for the mask law suits if this keeps happening! It's bull that "we are all in this together" when I see people here defending this type of haresment and unfounded arrest. Give me a break NY Dems!
What about your Queen Nancy maskless inside a tiny hair salon that was allowed to be open for the public? Can she be carted away like that? Hhhmmm???


My apologies: the salon wasn't allowed to be open to the public for Nancy Pelosi.

NW 332

If any private or public venue has an established rule they can ask anybody to comply with the rule or leave. If they refuse to comply or leave, they can be arrested for trespassing. One of the policy guidelines mandated by the Logan Hocking School District where this took place is that all spectators must wear a mask while on school property. The police officer intended to escort this woman out of the property and issue her a summons for trespassing after she refused the school official’s request to wear a mask. The woman resisted forcibly when the officer tried to escort her out, so this escalated into more serious charges. I’m sure the officer would rather have watched the game instead of dealing with this person. (By the way, in case it was directed at me, I am not a “NY Dem”, or a “liberal”.)

Karen Allen

Well reasoned NW 332, whoever you are...


So using your argument NW 332, should a person with physical health problems or being handicapped not be respected in a school or public venue? I know people with asthma and mesothelioma who can't wear masks for very long if at all since they have a hatd time breathing normally.
Do you honestly think we shouldn't make exceptions for individuals like this in a public school setting and they should be arrested and carted away? Public schools serve the public and legally have to make these exceptions. There are literally laws on the books stating this.
Your argument is well reasoned my foot! In NY our public schools will let students and people not wear masks if they have a documented health problem physical or mental. How can you look at that video and think that is acceptable to treat a lady with asthma that way? If you are a guy, I certainly hope you would respect a lady friend out in public with a health problem and defend her from this unnecessary hostility. You know very well the woman in the video can't spread any virus because she is social distancing and she has a health problem. It's very disturbing to see any NYer defend this where we are supposed to be so tolerant. Applauding this conduct is down right disturbing! Are we not a free country who respects individuals with health problems and disabilities anymore?


P.s. Also in our public schools all kids are given mask breaks inside and outside the school several times a day because wearing a mask for long periods is uncomfortable for most people, especially children. Never mind individuals with health problems too. Instead of being a robot about it understand that, be human and sympathetic to people and children you see not wearing a mask out and about. Mask yourself up and only worry about your own face. It's a good tip for all.

NW 332

I don’t recall making any argument here for or against Ohio’s and the school district’s mask policy. I only was pointing out that this “unnecessary hostility” was escalated by the woman’s behavior, not the police officer’s. As far as her claim to having a medical condition that should excuse her behavior, I guess she can “tell it to the judge”.


NW 332. Thank you for that clarification above. I apologize if I assumed your stance on this school rule and conduct. This incident is something we should all think about carefully. We don't want to end up like China which uses authoritarianism to control honest people with no ill intentions. Yes, I suppose she will tell it to the judge.
I know of someone who is a paramedic and has been through out the entire pandemic working hard to save people in all sorts of horrible physical situations. He always wears his mask. He also gets rolling Covid tests to make sure he is healthy as required by his job. One day as he was walking out of a medical building his nose was sticking out of his mask just while he was walking towards the door because he needed extra air and had come off the heels of a busy day. A strange man harresed him in a confrontational way (not polite at all) about his nose sticking out and reported him to his boss who then gave him a lecture. While I understand the need for people to wear a mask correctly, I am disappointed to see people treat each other with such a lack of kindness. This paramedic is a hero and I am thankful for what he does because many of us couldn't do it. Where is the milk of human kindness today? Couldn't he have been asked politely to fix his mask?
The golden rule from Jesus comes to mind always: do unto others as you would have done onto you.

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