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Friday, October 16, 2020


Kathy Americo

Makes good sense to me Tom.


Dr. Fauci doesn’t just think this is a bad idea, he’s called it “nonsense” and “very dangerous”, and he says Drs. Birx and Redfield share his opinion. So, while the young and otherwise healthy “live their lives normally”, the infirm and older Americans will have to quarantine themselves to avoid catching the rapidly spreading virus. The Focused Protection plan outlined above proposes that nursing homes simply use staff with acquired immunity (that should be easy enough to arrange), and measures “can be implemented” for multi-generational families (Grandma can be kept in the basement). As arts, music, sports and other cultural activities resume, older Americans “may participate if they wish” (how nice), but at grave risk of possible illness or even death.
No thanks, I’m with Fauci.

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