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Tuesday, November 24, 2020


steve shumer

The same bugaboo??. Its a democracy . People vote and they decide.The President himself voted with an absentee ballot.I also think Rob Astorino did a great job as county executive. He was very gracious in wishing Sen. Harkham the best. and "we respect the will of the voters" When do you think "your guy" President Trump will concede? and "respect the will of the voters."

President Trump lost by 6 million plus votes.

tom faranda

My "guy"? Ok I voted for him the first time because he wasn't Hilary (as did plenty of people) and the 2nd time because he'd done a good job, despite being a bloviating blowhard.I agreed with most of his policies. If I were betting I'd say he's not going to concede but a concession has nothing to do with being elected or not. People have conceded elections and then won - and they still take office. It's simply a gracious formality. A lot of people think he was the victim of a fraud. Can you understand why they would think that? No doubt Biden will take office.

NW 332

Why do a lot of people think he is a victim of fraud? Because a concession is not simply a gracious formality. It says we accept the demonstrated will of the people in our democracy. Trump doesn’t accept the will of the people and he’s telling his supporters not to accept it as well. Shamefully unAmerican.

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