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Monday, November 30, 2020



Thank you for laying all this out Tom. Don’t forget big tech shadow banning
Conservatives and changing the algorithms to favor liberals and Democrats online. I would say all these factors are interference in our election for sure and are absolutely considered cheating. After 4 years of listening to liberals say Trump was an illegitimate president, they better be prepared to hear that about Biden now. They change the blue print for voting so it’s easier to rigg the election. You can’t vote by mail in most European countries unless you have 2 allowed excuses. They make that very hard because they know mail in voting is ripe with cheating. I was a Democrat myself but seeing everything over the past Obama and Trump years makes me highly unlikely to vote Dem again or actually ever trust them. They also have the mass media on their side. It’s very disturbing to those who care and pay attention. Now watch our media fawn over Biden, continue to give him easy interview questions and not care a wit about his policy or effects. Very scary actually!

NW 332

Anyone who believes the Mueller report “came up with nothing” should take the time to actually read the report (or at least the executive summary- not the Bill Barr summary). The possibility that Trump would be ahead before the absentee ballots were counted, did not come as a surprise to anyone following the presidential campaign. Perhaps supporters smell a rat because Trump was waving the rat around well before the election even took place.

tom faranda

I read the executive summary and stand by "came up with nothing"

steven shumer

the Trump campaign paid 3 million dollars for WI recount. They came up with 87 more votes for President Elect Biden. If there is a rat where is the proof?Judge Bibas( a Trump appointee) wrote a scathing decision rejecting the president's challenge to the election results in PA. Every single lawsuit re election fraud has been throw out. If you are old enough to remember this ad slogan , i think it applies here. Where is the beef?


Yes. The Democrats are good at covering up stuff. They wouldn’t try if they thought they would get caught. Funny how the Dominion voting system accidentally switched votes from Biden to Trump in a swing state but was “apparently” corrected. Now the system in Georgia has glitched again during the recount. It all stinks of a dirty rat. Now the media won’t show us pictures of Biden entering the hospital for his broken foot. The Dems are also protected by the lame stream media.
As a side note, showing Biden’s cognitive decline or lack of better judgment, why is a man who is nearly 80 playing tug of war with 2 German Shepherds?
That’s just a stupid idea. Anyone with half a brain can see that.

NW 332

So, if the Editor read the executive summary, then he would have read that Russia committed acts to influence the 2016 election and that the Trump campaign welcomed that interference. Also, while Mueller did not find sufficient evidence of a criminal conspiracy between the campaign and Russia, the report lists numerous instances of collusive behavior among campaign officials and Russian operatives. In addition, the investigation detailed at least four instances of behavior by President Trump which met the criminal requirements of Obstruction of Justice. Mueller did not recommend charging the President because of Department of Justice policies, and his opinion that it would be unfair to do so if the President could not defend himself in a court of law while in office (he left open the possibility of charging citizen Trump after leaving office). In all, the Mueller investigation led to the conviction of eight individuals, seven of whom were Trump campaign associates. Also indicted were thirteen Russian nationals, twelve Russian military intelligence officers and a Ukrainian associate of convict Paul Manafort, the former Trump campaign chairman. That doesn’t sound like “nothing” to me.


It all makes sense now. Obama buying the house in DC right after Trump won because he knew he would get his third term either by helping oust Trump through a wild conspiracy or through a rigged election, hence Biden. Biden is putting all Obama people right back into to his cabinet. He sees us as global citizens, not American citizens. Get ready everyone to be a little poorer at best over the next 4 years. That’s a best case scenario too. And get
ready to be policed on cultural issues while real crime soars.

tom faranda

The Russians did commit acts of influence - a couple of hundred thousand in facebook ads. They also organized the rally outside of trump Tower after it was clear Trump had won the election- protesting that Trump had won. It was started by them thru social media. As far as suggestions of obstruction of justice - both Rosenstein (head of FBI) and Barr shot that down.

the Conqueror of Condensation - Sweat

It's become painfully obvious that Biden/Harris have been caught with their corrupt greedy little hands in the cookie jar, cheating on an industrial scale. Now it's time for them to be honest and concede the truth which most honest folk can see, i.e. that they lost the election.


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