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Wednesday, December 23, 2020


the Doyen of Drain - Sweat

Of course we understand that you would feel the pressing need to pretend to "not be bent out of shape over this", since Antipope Bergoglio is your boy!

tom faranda

OK so you didn't watch the video.

the Doyen of Drain - Sweat

Oh, yes I did my Dear Madness. But alas........even my intent watching of the video wasn't nearly enough to turn the tide and make Antipope Bergoglio's monstrosity even a smidgen less ugly and dysfunctional than it was before I watched it!

Oh the Humanity ! ! !


Even as an "outsider" looking in, I am simply appalled by this display....and the video didn't alleviate that at all...but then I am what's known as a nativity purist.....

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