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Monday, December 28, 2020


Rich Snow

Tom I had cancelled my sub to WSJ a while ago but decided to get it back. Looks like I am going to cancel it again! What bullshit this is. Cherry picked numbers making it seem like the states—who had to pay for most of the Covid response because that piece of shit in the White House wouldn’t are on the hook for all the essential services and infrastructure. You make it sound like the states are getting a windfall and looking for more!!!! The funding part of the “Covid” relief bill came from the White House!!!!!! it was a bipartisan budget for next year!!!!!

tom faranda

No need to sugarcoat it. Not sure where you're getting your data that the states paid for most of the response. As Cuomo said at the height of the crisis - the President was giving NY everything he asked for.
I'm sure NYC will be getting plenty of federal money - NYC was really the epicenter of the crisis.

NW 332

While I suspect that the Folly reader above may be correct in his assessment of the Journal's editorial, I don't yet know enough about the figures stated to make an informed comment. However, for the record, I must say that I find the language used to describe the president, as despicable as he is, to be offensive and inappropriate.

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