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Thursday, January 28, 2021



Another example of the "cure" being worse than the disease?


I’m glad they will still have an online presence. I just bought myself some of their dark chocolate hot cocoa powder in canisters. It’s amazing! It’s too bad about all their stores. Regardless I will keep shopping from them online.

the Boyar of Buoyancy - Sweat

More sweet news for the Global Covid Cult Mafia running this worldwide Covid Scam.

Valeria Kondratiev

I have a chocolate rewards card, and was just thinking of how I missed using it because of lockdown and restrictions. That card would give me a free piece of chocolate every month, and discounts and promotional offers on chocolates in the store. What a bummer to lose these stores I was looking forward to going back to. I love the truffles, and I can’t imagine they travel that well that I’d order them to be mailed rather than pick them up in a store. Sad

the Lodestar of Liquid - Sweat

It appears that the pagan Covid Cult Religion has just taken the God out of Godiva, and has left it diving to the bottom!

Oh the Humanity ! ! !

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