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Saturday, January 16, 2021


NW 332

Interesting. Why were some carrying flex cuffs then?


I hope we can scrutinize riots from left wing violence like this. All violence and rioting is wrong. Over the past 9 months we watched rioting, looting, peoples businesses burned, police stations burned and attacked and a federal courthouse. People were also killed! Not to mention all the historical status destroyed. Many people including police were killed. I witnessed people on the left posting memes supporting all this violence and destruction and even an MLK quote taken completely out of context to justify rioting. Enough is enough America. I don’t care what the cause is or your views, we need to condemn all this lawlessness violence immediately. The last National Geographic cover had BLM posing in-front of some vandalized statues. It’s not acceptable and not the legal way to get a statue removed. The media also ignored the African Americans killed in the BLM riots and didn’t show us how many of them lost business all during the wave of violence. It’s wrong and both political sides in America need a reckoning..


I’m upset the media ignores stories like this because the violence comes from the left. All violence is wrong.


They did not walk it back
They are waiting for court
So much we don’t know

Violence is wrong period and
we all better get busy praying for our country
We need prayers big time

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