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Monday, January 18, 2021


Earl DePass

"Antifa in black"? Is this a typo, or a Freudian slip?

Of all things to post on Martin Luther King Day, you post this video on Antifa.

The little respect I had left for you Tom is has been extinguished with this post.

Unsubscribing to your emails was a wise decision on my part. Now I see I must refrain from participating in your blog site. This will be my last comment. I can no longer entertain your 'folly'.


Hi Earl,
I hate to see politics and current events disrupt friendships or divide families. I’m sure Tom meant nothing by describing the clothes the people were wearing. Antifa is a concerning group among many others in this country. Both sides of politics have people on the far side. They actually have a lot in common unfortunately.
I wish you would still share your point of views on here and take the blog and other things we read even in mainstream media with a grain of salt. It’s the only way I can survive these crazy times with upsetting stuff going on.
Miss you!


As for celebrating Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day I am posting this article about his niece who promotes peace today, as her famous Uncle did. She is a wonderful role model today for everyone.


tom faranda

Earl my point was irony - that MLK would not approve of this. Guess I did a bad job of making the point.

tom faranda

Antifa always wears black and I wanted to distinguish them from the people they were after.

Earl DePass

Jessica, to post what appears to be a black Antifa guy attacking a white guy on Martin Luther King Day is inciting and racist.

There were thousands MLK Peace Masses this week. Tom could have posted one of these instead in the spirit of the holiday.

In fact, I participated in a MLK Peace Mass today while in Brooklyn that happened to be streamed:

99‰ of Black people, like me, are positively reflecting on King's message of peace on this day. I will not let a bigot spoil a day of a peace and racial justice with a post of hate and violence.

To thinks such a person leads our Parish Council disgusts me. I'm done.

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