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Tuesday, February 23, 2021



What a liberal load of BS. Sorry not sorry about my words. It’s destruction of federal property. For all the same people outraged by the capital riots, giving these other riots and property destruction a pass is totally hypocritical. A year of these riots but it’s only terrorisms if it not during work hours? More liberal mental gymnastics. Enough of the insanity!

tom faranda

Well he did say it was a crime. But there's a big difference between some vague destruction of property charge and a domestic terrorism charge.


Attacking and burning a federal court house goes beyond simply being a crime regardless of time of day.

NW 332

The “load of BS” is the constant complaining by some of the equivalence between the “capital [sic] riots” and the other riots and acts of destruction that plagued cities across the country last year. The attack on the U.S. Capitol, the seat of our democracy, by the Trump-inspired insurrectionists, while both houses of congress were in session, and while the second and third officials in the line of presidential succession were present and under threat is an unprecedented criminal offense. This crime was committed in order to halt the peaceful transition of power. The attack on the closed Federal Courthouse and other federal building is also a serious crime but does not rise to the same level as the “Capitol riot” and should not be used as an excuse for the despicable criminal behavior of those supporters of the former president. The AG nominee, in his response to Senator Hawley’s baiting was merely stating that there are degrees of crimes. Nobody’s being given “a pass”.

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