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Friday, March 05, 2021




The article below was also brought to my attention--p.s. Animal House is also next on the list, along with Caddy Shack, It's a Wonderful Life, Catcher in the Rye, etc. Stay tuned....in the meantime:

I will never cancel Dr Seuss': Fans drive prices of author's books up by hundreds amid outrage over 'woke' decision to pull six titles because of 'racist and insensitive imagery'

Dr. Seuss Enterprises, the company that preserves and protects his legacy, announced early Tuesday that the six books would no longer be published
Almost immediately after the announcement, the prices of those books surged hundreds of dollars on eBay
A vintage copy of 'If I Ran the Zoo' was priced at $510 after receiving 54 bids, while a copy of 'Scrambled Eggs Super!' was at $565 after 58 bids
A copy of 'The Cat's Quizzer', which the seller marketed as brand new, was going for $630 after receiving 48 bids
The move to cease publication of the books drew immediate reaction on social media from those who called it another example of 'cancel culture.'
Their anger was also directed at President Biden after he omitted Dr. Seuss from Read Across America Day https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9317781/Prices-six-Dr-Seuss-books-skyrocket-online.html


Ebay is now banning the sale of those books too while they ignore Mien Kampf and a known hate book written by Louis Farrakhan. Fun, whimsical, rhyming Dr. Suess books are banned for sale on ebay! Something is really wrong with this country. I like all those 6 titles, especially If I Ran the Zoo. I see no problem with them and even having this discussion is total insanity. When I see women pole dancing and stripping on prime time TV and kids listening to rap music with the most racist phrases, but people then go after kids books that have been out for over 50 years? Nuts! Biden ignored Dr. Suess on his birthday/Read Across America Day too! Horrible!

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