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Tuesday, April 27, 2021



Thank you Tom.


We just got yelled out for gardening without masks in our own front yard. The irritating young woman kept moving.

Valeria Kondratiev

I just met a lady after Mass who was wearing 3 masks outdoors. When another lady asked her why 3, her reply was why not. Insane.


I always use one word to categorize such events....


But my personal favorite this week was witnessing a woman eating outdoors who kept her DOUBLE MASKS on---while moving them up and down between bites of food. Yes. Thir time I have seen it this year. So disgusting was her outer mask---because she kept misjudging the placement of the fork and her face diapers--that the couple sitting next door asked to be moved to another table!

However the one that recently drove home the madness was the conversation overheard from two teen girls---who were rejoicing that "the government had outlawed church singing for everyone's safety"...as they talked about how exciting it was that some band they liked might have a concert this summer....

Madness indeed.

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